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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

It's been quite a while since I've sat down to write a blog post. I know it's important to hear the voice behind photos, but whenever I think about sharing an "oh, it was so perfect!" vibe I instantly get discouraged. So without any of the ruffles, fairy dust, light pink vibes, here is  stream of consciousness update on recent sessions that I've had the pleasure of photographing the last couple of weeks:


I'm fairly certain Jasmine could become the first woman president solely based on how easily she trekked through the grass in her high heels. 

She kept saying she couldn't model, but I think her legs came out of the womb photo ready. That's a pretty disgusting thought but seriously, look at those long beautiful things. 

Jasmine and I connected through craigslist. I know, I know- all your mom and dad brains are tweaking out right now. But I'm rough and tough..... and also I had my boyfriend come with me and be ready to rescue me if need be. 


If left up to my own brain to pose her, this is not how the photo would have turned out. She probably would've been sitting upside down on the bench with her hair all cray because I can't help my silly brain from spitting out bad ideas.

But at least after observing her I got some skilllzzz to pay the billlzzzz  (literally). 


Kelly I did NOT meet on Craigslist, and thank god, because she's got such a fierce look I would've thought she'd steal my lunch money then call me a big eyed freak and send me crying to my mama. OK, I may be reliving my first day of Kindergarten, but nonetheless Kelly is  bad bitch. I can't even talk about her without those words squirming their way into my vocabulary.

We met in college when one of my friends from middle school (hey, Mollie) came to visit. Six years later here we are. It's basically impossible for me to point my camera at her without asking her to look edgy and act like she hates me. After our drunken night a couple weeks ago, I wouldn't doubt that she actually does. Just kidding- she knows it wasn't me talking. It was that damn bottle of free champagne the bar gave to us on 6th street. Who does that? 



Tess was the very first friend I made in college. She was also the very first person I did a photo shoot for. Oh, where are those photos, you ask? They are buried very deep and far away, along with some of my aspiration and goals. Just kidding- it wasn't that bad...........

Regardless, both of us redeemed ourselves after getting more experience photographing/modeling. Now she's a lil superstar who knows all the tricks of the trade to have the "oh, I had no idea there was a camera there but let me smile and act like I am having the most fun holding my jacket like this!" face and acting like she woke up like this. Even though she probably did. WHY ARE YOU SO PRETTY TESS?! (I know she appreciates the Bey reference)


Okaaaaayyy so I know I told you there wouldn't be any frills or "this makes me wake up in the morning" kind of sap- but I love this family so much I can't help but just gush. I think my heart leaped out of my chest and just smacked this blog right in the URL.

Shannon has been my best and closest friend since I was 16.  She's been by my side through every trial and tribulation a girl experiences throughout high school and college and life after that. Her shoulders, ears, heart and hugs never fail when I've needed her the most. Living across the country from her is hard, especially when she's a new mommy and has this cute little bebe, but I'm SO happy she this perfect family and support system to call her own. It doesn't hurt that they're the most photogenic family, either. 

Duprey Baby: 

Believe it or not, this radiant mama-to-be was my field hockey coach all throughout High School. I think she may be the only woman on the planet to have a human growing inside her and still be fit enough to outrun me. She's also a Spanish teacher, but I don't know shiiiiz about Spanish. Olé! Ella está teniendo un bebé! (Google translate- don't fail me now!)

 Her and her hubby were SO natural together. I'd pose them and they'd naturally go into a pose that was even sweeter. Some couples are a little awkward in front of a camera but holy cow they  just love each other. Their cheeks must've been hurting by the end of the session they were so smiley and so happy! Here I go again being a little frilly, but it's so easy when you have a couple like this in front of your camera. The weather was supposed to be a little cloudy and cold, but as it turned out there was only sunshine present for this rainbow baby. 

Thanks for reading! I enjoyed writing this. If you enjoyed reading it, let me know! Otherwise I might feel like I've been talking to myself for the last hour. 

ALSO- if you're interested in booking a family, maternity, newborn, engagement, or couples photography session, contact me for quote. 



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