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What's your Superpower? | Photo Project

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

So for anyone keeping track, I failed to post a photo project for the month of March. That's not to say we didn't go out and do one- because we did. However, we didn't talk to quite as many people as I had hoped so I was stalling to publish this project.

My brother's girlfriend, Jess, had this wonderful idea to ask children what their superpower is, and then have them "act" it out for my photo. Then, we'd ask their parents what their superpower was when they were their child's age. We’d round the whole thing out by talking about not losing your childlike sense of wonderment and to use your "superpower" to support the people in your life.

This landed in a special place in my heart because I have fond memories of being the strongest little super girl. My brothers would play along so that when I’d tap them, they’d go flying across the room.

I don't have many children in my circle, so Kelsey and I headed to a park to find them. With my puppy. And a unicorn onesie. Predator status. Needless to say, not a lot of parents were inclined to talk to us.

BUT, some did. So let's hear about the lovely children who immediately relate having a superpower to being a Disney channel character:

Here, we have Princess Elsa, Mickey Mouse (who refused to pose but instead just wanted to pet Winston), and Flash (best runners stance he could finagle). Princess Elsa was 100% ready to take a photo. As her shirt suggests, she is "totes adorbs". Unfortunately, none of the children spoke English fluently so I wasn't able to hear too much about their "powers" but their translator was so kind and encouraging.

Next up, this girl has super speed and major "ups". It looks like her little brother is in super hero training to claim that high-five. When I asked what her power was, her dad replied “she has a super personality”. All together now: Awwwwh!!

Lastly, we stumbled upon a family picnic. One of the little girls was crying so they used my puppy to cheer her up (chalk that up as a win for the Winston man!)

Daughter #1: Super power = Invisibility. Also the ability to fly. Also loves unicorns (chalk that up as a win for Kelsey!)

Daughter #2:(not pictured): Desired super power: Temporary deafness to not be able to hear daughter #1. Yuuuus gotta love sibling rivalry!

The women of the group were more than happy to talk with us and share their powers.

From left to right:

Woman #1: "I don't know". Rest of the women: "You are a super mom!". Ugh, I love the support!

Woman #2: Imagination. She imagines a better world.

Woman #3: Being friendly and nice.

Woman #4: Talking too much (no surprise here that she was the one who approached us!)

Time and time again this project reveals the amazing qualities strangers around me hold. The bond and support between families and friends is significant. It is almost tangible. It's a force field, if you will. As long as we have each other, The Empire/Lex Luther/Thanos, etc, will be powerless.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, remember to use your superpower; your unique qualities, to inspire, empower, encourage and uplift those around you.

If you have a great idea for my next photo project, I encourage you to message me!

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