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10 hour coverage

2 photographers

2 additional sessions


Ten hours can tell the whole story of your wedding- from the time you get your hair done until you leave your venue. In addition to the  coverage, you will also receive:  a second shooter, two additional sessions (bridal, engagement, or boudoir), and a Custom Signature Album.

8 hour coverage

2 photographers

1 additional session

OR Album

Eight hours can tell most of the story of your wedding- from getting ready photos to you crushing the dance floor. In addition to the  coverage, you will also receive:  a second shooter and one additional session (bridal, engagement, or boudoir) OR a Custom Signature Album.



8 hour coverage

1 photographer

Eight hours can tell most of the story of your wedding- from getting ready photos to you crushing the dance floor. 


6 hour coverage

1 photographer

Six part of  the story on your wedding- from the time you get your dress on through speeches at dinner. This is a perfect option for those who want photos of the most important moments. You don't necessarily care about receiving tons of photos of candids or dancing. The most important thing is you get the ceremony, formal photos, and the details that made your day unique to you.



1 hour on-location 

A bridal session is when you put your dress on and get wedding-ready. Bridals are usually taken at your venue. You will need to contact your venue coordinator as there may be an extra fee associated with renting the space. It is a good idea to schedule your bridals the same day as your HMUA trial.

Why should I get bridal photos?

  • To get more photos of you in your dress, and in more locations. 

  • Less stress about having to hide from your partner or guests

  • Print out a photo to frame at the wedding


1-2 hour on-location or in-home

An engagement session is when I take photos of you and your partner to celebrate/announce your engagement. Photos can be at a location of your choosing but I encourage the location to be one that is a reflection of your relationship/personality. Feel free to get unique and adventurous!

Why should I get engagement photos?

  • To get experience in front of the camera

  • Get to know me/how I direct you for photos

  • Print out a photos to frame at the wedding/use for save the date


1-2 hour on-location or in-home

A boudoir session is a sexy/romantic photoshoot either solo or with your partner. The purpose is to capture your sexuality, allure and femininity in a tasteful and classy way, immortalizing your youthful beauty in stunning photographs that will thrill your partner on your wedding day.

Why should I get boudoir photos?

  • Self love

  • A gift for your partner


Customizable Signature Album

You spend so much money on wedding photography- your photos deserve to be brought to life and held in your hands. You will enjoy your photos in a different, more meaningful way when they are printed. Easily share your favorite photos with guests without having to navigate through hundreds of photos saved to your computer.

Why should I get an album?

  • Quick reference/reflection without a screen

  • Coffee table book to share with guests

  • A gift for your parents

Your Photos

The album included in the timeless and committed packages includes a 8x8 standard leather album with 5 spreads/10 total pages with customizable layouts. Customizations and upgrades available. Please inquire if interested in upgrading to a larger album.


Or send an email directly to: tamaramerriphotography@gmail.com

I can't wait to talk with you!