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What is a second shooter?

A second shooter is a second photographer. It is impossible for one photographer to be everywhere at once. A second shooter gets moments that I may not be around for. I contract the photographer to work for me for the day and then receive/edit all their photos for consistency. The second photographer is also a professional wedding photographer with their own company whom I trust.

Why should I get a second shooter?

  • To get more photos, from more angles for your couples photos

  • While I get your getting ready photos, they'll get your partner's

  • Receive more photos of your guests during cocktail hour 

  • Security and liability reasons

What is a bridal session?

A bridal session is when you put your dress on and get wedding-ready. Bridals are usually taken at your venue. You will need to contact your venue coordinator as there may be an extra fee associated with renting the space. It is a good idea to schedule your bridals the same day as your HMUA trial.

Why should I get bridal photos?

  • To get more photos of you in your dress, and in more locations. 

  • Less stress about having to hide from your partner or guests

  • Print out a photo to frame at the wedding

What is an engagement session?

An engagement session is when I take photos of you and your partner to celebrate/announce your engagement. Photos can be at a location of your choosing but I encourage the location to be one that is a reflection of your relationship/personality. Feel free to get unique and adventurous!

Why should I get engagement photos?

  • To get experience in front of the camera

  • Get to know me/how I direct you for photos

  • Print out a photos to frame at the wedding/use for save the date

What is a boudoir session?

A boudoir session is a sexy/romantic photoshoot either solo or with your partner. The purpose is to capture your sexuality, allure and femininity in a tasteful and classy way, immortalizing your youthful beauty in stunning photographs that will thrill your partner on your wedding day.

Why should I get boudoir photos?

  • Self love

  • A gift for your partner











How many hours of coverage do I need?

The number of hours you need a photographer at your wedding depends on the timeline of your wedding. The majority of wedding packages begin at six hours. You rarely need more than 10 hours.

Why should I reserve more hours?

  • If you are excited about getting ready photos pre-ceremony 

  • You want a ton of dance floor photos

  • You have to travel from the ceremony to the reception space

  • You have a long ceremony (1+ hours).

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