"Tammy - EXCEEDED everything we could've hoped and dreamed of in a photographer. She's a ball of light, joy, fun, and takes HECKA AWESOME photos!"

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TMP is the photographer for you if... 

TMP is the photographer for you if you want real, happy photos full of life. Photos that not only showcase the love you have with your partner, but tell the story of your wedding day. While we love managing group shots and will be in command of rallying family and wedding party, we equally love becoming a fly on the wall for more intimate moments like the ceremony, toasts, and getting ready photos.


You'll receive photos of every detail you've meticulously planned, photos of your mom wiping away tears and your fiance holding back tears, photos of the joy between you and your bridesmaids, the sick dance move your Funcle always shows off, and the beautiful way you and your partner show each other love. 

If you want an album of your wedding day STORY, then TMP is for you.

Editing style

Choosing a photographer whose editing style matches your vision is incredibly important.


TMP's editing style reflects clean, crisp, bright, true-to-life images. You'll receive bright images that also carry a pop of contrast. This means that the color of bridesmaids dresses and flowers that you spent forever trying to choose will remain that same color in photos. In our opinion, this editing style is timeless. After trends have come and gone, true-to-life photography will always be that; reminiscent of the day in true form.

Other common editing styles are: bright-and-airy and dark-and-moody.

Why hire a professional?

Professional wedding photographers, like TMP, are professional readers of light. For every single situation, we are reading the light to adjust camera settings to produce the best images possible. From glowy couples photos during sunset, to that candid of you hugging your mom- behind every photo is preparation, experience, and intension. You'll receive high quality, beautiful photos that will become heirlooms for your grandchildren. 

Although it's more than just photography- it's timeline management, being one step ahead, quickly adjusting if something goes wrong, having a backup plan, being able to manage groups of people in a fun and professional way, and having the experience. 


With TMP, you'll know what to expect. You know you will have an enthusiastic, joyful presence on your wedding day to provide excellence. Then the following month you'll receive high quality, bright, true-to-life images that tells a story. Hiring a friend, family member, or someone new to the industry leaves a lot of room for failed expectations.  And the most important aspect: backup methods. If you misplace your wedding photos 5 years from now, we have your photos backed up. Will your friend? Don't chance losing (or hating) your wedding photos. Hire a professional!

Tammy Arnold
Tamara Merri Photography
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